XL Band: COVID Vaccine XL - Silicone Rubber Wristband Bracelet
COVID Vaccine XL Bracelet

XL Band: COVID Vaccine XL - Silicone Rubber Wristband Bracelet. White on black version of the famous Livestrong band fad with the message "COVID Vaccine XL" 2-inches larger than a standard adult silicone bracelet. $2.99

The jury is not "still out"

The Apple XL series of sport watch bands is simply superior. The Black Sport Band (and White if you can find one) and Charcoal Sport Loop (and Anchor Gray if you can find one) are amazing. I love the XL Band USA Leather by DaLuca straps dearly, but my go-to for active and outdoor is definitely these (fairly expensive) official Apple bands. You can really feel the difference between these and the knock-off bands, which coincidently, do not come in XXL sizes.

Bestselling XL Bands

XL Band for Apple Watch

Top XL Apple Watch Bands

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XL Band is your resource for extra-large, long, and XXL Apple Watch bands for big and tall wrists.

We are following Apple-brand and Carterjett's line of XXL bands available on Amazon, as well as two stainless steel link bracelets that seem to be very similar, and larger band offerings from Apple, Daluca, and Nyloon.

XL Band logo By XL Band Staff

Apple Watch 44mm Black Sport Band - M/L & L/XL

Apple's XL Band and number one-selling watchband is made out of a special flouroelastomer rubber that receives mixed reviews. Photo by Oscar Nord on Unsplash

Apple 44mm Black Sport Band - M/L & L/XL

From Apple: "Made from a custom high-performance fluoroelastomer, the Sport Band is durable and strong, yet surprisingly soft. The smooth, dense material drapes elegantly across your wrist and feels comfortable next to your skin. An innovative pin-and-tuck closure ensures a clean fit."

One super-cool feature about having this band means you can mix and match the XL part of this band with the hundreds of aftermarket silicone bands. Though we haven't found a generic XL, we've been able to wear some cool generic bands with the (formerly available) white and black Apple bands.

Buy it now: Amazon features a "Sport Loop Band," but Apple only has a "Sport Loop" and a "Sport Band." The 245mm sport band is pictured, but we recommend caution when ordering this from Amazon, although benefits can include discounted prices and same-day delivery.

Ask some friends: Are you ready for the original 9.6-inch Apple Watch band?

Apple Watch 44mm Black Sport Loop Large

Apple's large sport loop features a "soft, breathable nylon weave with an easily adjustable hook‑and‑loop fastener." Apple/XL Band

Apple 44mm Black Sport Loop - Large

From Apple: "Soft, breathable, and lightweight, the Sport Loop features a hook-and-loop fastener for quick and easy adjustment. The double-layer nylon weave has dense loops on the skin side that provide soft cushioning while allowing moisture to escape. On the reverse side, the attachment loops are securely anchored for superior durability."

This is my favorite band for breathability and minimal distraction while typing. The band is a tad stretchable, which means it doesn't constantly require adjustment. The larger band fits my 9.5-inch wrist very well and the end of the band, when fastened, wrests on the center of my inner wrist.

Buy it now: Amazon recently began to feature the Sport Loop in black, and Apple has recently introduced an Anchor Gray version as well. I have both, and prefer the black. It features a multi-color thread combination that refelcts light in a unique and fun way.

Ask some friends: What do you think about the hook and loop, stretchable Apple Watch band?

Carterjett Silicone Tire Tread XXL for Apple Watchpixel

Our number one selling tire tread silicone band by Carterjett has internal channels that wick moisture. Carterjett/Amazon

Carterjett Silicone Tire Tread XXL for Apple Watch

From Carterjett: "Heavy-duty waterproof silicone. The Tire Tread band is rugged and sporty. A fresh look. Hypo-allergenic and easy to clean. This band can go with you everywhere! Assorted sizes and colors."

Buy it now: The ten-inch band for 42mm/44mm Apple Watch is available on Amazon in black, blue, and red for $25 as well as other colors for smaller wrists and 38mm/40mm cases.

Ask some friends: We use a technology called PollCart to let you send a screenshot poll to your friends or family and get their opinion on something you might buy. Give it a try or contact us to find out more.

Carterjett Leather XXL for Apple Watchpixel

The new genuine leather bands by Carterjett have stitching along the edges to ensure longer wear and better band stability. Carterjett/Amazon

Carterjett Leather XXL for Apple Watch

From Carterjett: "Soft leather in unique styles that can be dressy or casual. From Small to XXL. Soft, flexible, and comfortable right out of the box, this unique, genuine leather design is sexy and contemporary, not bulky or stiff."

The geek chic carbon fiber band has traditional hardware, while the black and brown bands are NATO style.

Buy it now: The ten-inch band for 42mm/44mm Apple Watch is available on Amazon in black NATO with space-black hardware, crazy horse vintage brown NATO with grey hardware, and black carbon fiber for $29.

There are two seemingly identical stainless steel bands for Apple Watch right now under $15. Supoix/Dsytom/Amazon

Stainless Steel Link Bands for Apple Watch

While Dsytom's link band is "Amazon's Choice for XL Apple Watch Band 42mm," Supoix is "Amazon's Choice for XL Apple Watch Band 44mm," which leads us to ask if there is a stainless steel link band conspiracy? Both bands have the same art, including a graphic showing how much larger their band is than most link bracelets (appreciated by XL Band). It appears Dsytom has a color Supoix doesn't advertise, "gold." Great news for us, they look identical and both ship overnight.

There appear to be three link connectors on the market: the accident-prone infinity adapter, a custom link adapter molded to the watch's shape, and the consistently reliable spring bar adapter now available in all Apple Watch case colors. These both come with the spring bar, which seems right for the price point. A good deal considering a pair of spring bar adapters will set you back almost as much as these link bracelets.

Buy it now: The 9.5-9.8" bands for 42mm/44mm Apple Watch are available on Amazon from Dsytom in black, gray, silver, black-stripe silver, and gold. Supoix features the gray, silver, black-stripe silver, and black.

XL Band for Apple Watch

Extra-large, long, and XXL Apple Watch bands for big and tall wrists. Would three more inches give your wrist a rest? While you were posting your lunch, we were eating ours. You know what they say about geeks with large wrists! Our bands go to ELEVEN.

Extra-large, long and XXL straps for Apple Watch. Join our plus-size journey of body positivity to find an Apple Watch that fits. Adaptive fashion for accessible technology.

Whether you work out, go to work, or wish to work on unwinding, there is an extra-large Apple Watch band for you. Here's a link to the newest Apple Watch, the Series Five.

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red tire tread band from Carterjett
The red tire tread band from Carterjett complements the red accents on the Apple Watch. pixel

XL Band Size Guide

Use our color-coded guide to find the right size for your wrist. We've approximated millimeters to inches for you to compare Apple(s) to oranges.


Top ten XL bands for Apple Watch

Carterjett Black Tire Tread Silicone Apple Watch Band pixel
Carterjett 10"

Black Tire Tread Silicone XXL $30

  • Lightweight, flexible and very comfortable
  • Evaporative channels on the back, allowing air to circulate
  • 38mm/40mm fits 5.8-7.8" wrist
  • 42mm/44mm fits 8.3-10" wrist

This band is available in among the most sizes and colors of all XL bands. I've interacted with their customer service and had great results!

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Supoix XL Stainless Steel Metal Link
                    Wristband pixel
  • Fits 7.1-9.8" (180mm-249mm) wrists
  • Stainless steel material, easy to install
  • Unique double button folding clasp

This band fit my 9.5in wrist out-of-the-box. The box comes with a very professional kit for removing links.

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Carterjett Leather Nato XXL $29
Carterjett 10"

Genuine Leather NATO XXL $29

  • 38mm/40mm band fits 7-9"
  • 42mm/44mm band fits 8-10"
  • Leather feels natural
  • Black leather/black hardware,
    brown leather/grey hardware
  • Great customer service team

Probably my favorite daily band. The leather provides enough rigidity to wear my Apple Watch more loosely without slipping.

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DaLuca Straps Custom Length Brown Vintage French Ammo Watch Strap $250
  • Leather feels natural
  • Curved clasps provide comfort
  • Great dedicated customer service
  • Options for 38mm/40mm or 42mm/44mm Apple Watch

This is my number one go-to band. These are pricey, but the 10% code "XLBAND" might help with the sticker shock.

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Carterjett Nylon NATO Apple
                    Watch Band XL
Carterjett 10.5"

Nylon NATO Apple Watch Band XL $26

  • Fits 8-10.5" wrists
  • No sharp edges, not stiff or scratchy
  • Steel adapters have no screws and are permanently attached

My favorite active band. I feel like this would be the band a Navy Seal would use. A close second is the Nyloon XXL band.

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Carterjett Brown Leather Nato XXL $35
  • Gray hardware
  • Curved clasps provide comfort
  • Great customer service
Sport Band L/XL 44mm Black $49
Apple 245mm

Black Sport Band XL $49

  • High-performance fluoroelastomer
  • Durable and strong, yet surprisingly soft
  • Pin-and-tuck closure
DaLuca Straps Made to Order Custom Length Leather Watch Strap
  • One of a kind
  • Fully cusomizable
  • All sizes available

Use the 10% promo code "XLBAND" — Daniel lists his phone number at dalucastraps.com so ANYONE can get a band that fits.

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Black Sport Loop
Apple 245mm


  • Up to 245mm, black hardware
  • Double-layer woven nylon
  • Currently anchor gray, previously black
Carterjett Carbon Fiber Hermes Edition Sport Leather Apple Watch Band
  • Geek Chic
  • Carbon Fiber
  • 8.25-10in
Nyloon Preston - Apple Watch Nylon Band
  • Designed specifically to fit 9-10.5in wrists
  • Nylon band with a comfortable, fabric-like feel
  • 38mm/40mm or 42mm/44mm range 6.5-10.5in
Oitom XL Apple
                Leather and Silicone Band pixel
  • External leather, internal silicone hybrid
  • Five different browns, red, and black
  • 18 month warranty, great service

XL Band for Apple Watch News

Would three more inches give your wrist a rest? Apple Watch Series 5 out now!

And the GPS-only version...

And the new XL band from Apple, the extra large anchor gray sport loop.

44mm Apple Anchor Gray Sport Loop XL

XL Band Faves: Carterjett

We're dedicating the top of XLBand.com to the Carterjett XL Band collection. Their price and quality are unmatched and many of their bands are Amazon Prime for same or next-day shipping.


Lightweight, flexible and very comfortable. Evaporative channels on the back, allowing air to circulate. The 42mm/44mm fit 8.3–10in wrist. This band is available in among the most sizes and colors of all XL bands. I've interacted with their customer service and had great results!





Leather feels natural. Black NATO with Space Black hardware. Great customer service. Vintage Brown NATO with Gray hardware. Curved clasps provide comfort. Probably my favorite daily band. The leather provides enough rigidity to wear my Apple Watch more loosely without slipping.

From @Carterjett_Ltd: “Our XL Leather #AppleWatch Bands with the new stitching are back up (on @amazon) and ready to go! After trying several types and methods of gluing, the stitching seems like the best solution.” The new stitching makes a more consistent and durable #XLBAND. pic.twitter.com/xGAvaZKmwM

— XL Band for Apple Watch (@XLBand) September 13, 2019

Black NATO

Brown NATO

Carbon Fiber

Nylon NATO

Fits 8-10.5” wrists. No sharp edges, not stiff or scratchy. Steel adapters have no screws and are permanently attached. Tuck excess “Nato-style” or trim and heat seal for a custom fit. My favorite active band. I feel like this would be the band a Navy Seal would use. A close second is the Nyloon XXL band.




Red, White, and Blue Stripe

Army Green

Camo-X Camouflage

Adaptive and Accessible Apple Watch Bands
for Disability, Accessibility, and You

Friday the 13, September of 2019 was our lucky day. Our tweet about adaptive fashion was retweeted by an organization we greatly admire, Runway of Dreams, who says, "Where there's a will, there's a runway." Now we aren't at the forefront of adaptive fashion, but we are a niche blog that caters to underserved Apple Watch wearers. We hope you support RoD, visit their website, and watch their killer absolutely inclusive videos. So here are some adaptive Apple Watch Bands.

“Adaptive will be just another category in fashion.”
Dig their inclusive vibe in this video by @rocknrobintv#XLBAND knows that for some, the #AppleWatch is a luxury, but for others, it provides a life-saving connection and health monitor. And it looks 😎 https://t.co/oZoYET6N7b

— XL Band for Apple Watch (@XLBand) September 13, 2019

Friday the 13, September of 2019 was our lucky day. Our tweet about adaptive fashion was retweeted by an organization we greatly admire, Runway of Dreams, who says, "Where there's a will, there's a runway." Now we aren't at the forefront of adaptive fashion, but we are a niche blog that caters to underserved Apple Watch wearers. We hope you support RoD, visit their website, and watch their killer absolutely inclusive videos. So here are some adaptive Apple Watch Bands.

SHIFT Watchband:
Performance Watch Band

This band has a thumbstrap that repositions the Apple Watch to a more viewable, natural angle on the hand.

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Twelve South ActionSleeve

From Twelve South: "Move it, Don't Remove it! The Apple Watch is the most advanced health & fitness device ever, but the wrist is not always the perfect place to wear it. When protective sports gear and full wrist mobility are required, you need ActionSleeve! Straps your Apple Watch to your upper arm or bicep - off your wrist - but still fully accessible. Improves heart rate tracking with less data drops thanks to a tighter, more consistent skin contact. Use Apple Watch when sports gear or activity restricts wrist placement. Built-in bumper protection helps shield Apple Watch from nicks and dings. Fits arms up to 17 in. (43 cm) and is hand-washable."

DDJOY Ankle Band

From DDJOY: "Enable you wear the Apple Watch on your ankle and works as fine as on your wrist. Idea for anyone who want to use Apple Watch when sports gear or activity restricts wrist placement. Soft, breathable, sweatproof and lightweight. Easy to install and remove, use as simply as the wrist band. Hook-and-loop fastener for quick and easy adjustment, fits 8.5–13.5in circumference ankle."

Welcome to XL Band

Let's begin, has your ten-inch wrist kept you from buying the Apple Watch you've always wanted? Start with the 42/44mm XXL Tire Tread Band by Carterjett. Choose Prime delivery today or tomorrow.

Now order the Apple Watch of your dreams on Amazon Prime. It will be there, with the Carterjett band by today or tomorrow. Go ahead, pick one.

- OR -

Of course, don't let me stop you from ordering the Gold stainless steel version.

Now, please enjoy the wit and wisdom of XL Band…

XL Band Blog

I lost my Apple Watch 42mm Series 3 Aluminum with GPS and Cellular. So I'm looking online to find the best deal on a refurb. The upside to buying a new car is sometimes 0% financing, so because I'm not financing, I can't imagine an upside to buying new. One note, though, Apple's refurbished Apple Watches only seem to be about 15% off the retail price for a new Apple Watch.  

Now I've accumulated about 20 extra-large bands and around 10 cases for my series three. I anticipate the bands fitting a new watch whether I buy a series three or four, but I'm not sure about the cases, they may be a wash. My Catalyst case, my favorite because of its simplicity of coming on and off, most likely will not fit a four, but I'm curious about the XXL benefits of the four, especially the ECG and advanced heart rate system.

Here are my considerations: Price, reputation and reviews, support, return policy.

Here are the usual suspects and their price for a Series 3 and 4 basic aluminum case with either a Nike black and white Medium/Large band, an Apple Black or White Medium/Large band, or even no band at all. Like most of my big and tall, large-wrist Apple Watch dependents, I don't typically need the band that comes with the watch.

I recently saw a great deal on...nevermind, I found my watch. Thank you, my lovely wife.

Buy an XL Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 4 pixel
Apple Watch Series 4

Space Gray Aluminium Case

  • 44mm GPS + Cellular
  • 30% larger display and 50% louder speaker
  • Electrical and optical heart sensors
Apple Watch Series 3
Apple Watch Series 3

Space Gray Aluminium Case

  • 42mm GPS + Cellular
  • Optical heart sensor
  • Swimproof Digital Crown
Apple Watch Series 2
Apple Watch Series 2

Gray Aluminum Chassis

  • Activity and Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Light Sensor
  • Altimeter, Compass

XL Band Fit Size Chart

Brand Model Range (in) Range (mm) Case Material Dress Manufacturer Amazon eBay
Apple Sport Loop 170-245mm 42mm/44mm Velcro nylon weave Casual Apple Amazon eBay
Apple Sport Band 160-245mm 42mm/44mm Fluoroelastomer Casual Apple eBay
Nyloon XL Nylon Band 6.5-9.25" 38/40/42/44mm Nylon Casual Nyloon eBay
Nyloon XXL Nylon Band 9-10.5" 38/40/42/44mm Nylon Casual Nyloon eBay

XL Band Fan Faves

Carterjett Tire Tread Silicone Apple Watch Band XXL

Carterjett's tire tread is "engineered to be extra sturdy and withstand the most athletic lifestyles."

Photo: Carterjett
Carterjett Tire Tread Photo by XL Band

My tire tread band photographed on a wine bottle with my Spigen Tough Armor case. I'm pretty sure that wine bottle is empty in the next pic. Photo: XL Band

Carterjett Size Chart

Carterjett has the best size chart in the XXL Apple Watch category. Their glow-in-the-dark band is not available in XXL. Enlarge size chart.

Carterjett color chart
Carterjett Color Chart

XXL colors in this band include black, blue and red.

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This watch band is amazing. I lift and run in it and it cannot be phased. Before this band I had tried a few sport bands and I broke them. The tire tread is great.

Carterjett tire tread user review
XL Band Says

This is one of the longest straps on the market. Most of the clicks from XL Band go to this band.

Last updated April 18, 2019

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XL Band affiliate links to Amazon, expediting your checkout process.

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My favorite XL bands

Carterjett Black Leather NATO band with Spigen Tough Armor case

My #1 favorite band and case combination. Protection, style, and support.

Apple watch with band and case. Photo by XL Band
Leather is stylish and supportive

I like the leather NATO because I can wear it a little looser without slipping, it feels natural and wicks moisture, and the round clasps are comfortable when I'm on my laptop.

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Something about the leather and rubber feels natural and protective. I really like the scale of this combo.

Filthy Rich from XL Band
Apple watch with band and case. Photo by XL Band
The tough armor is definitely my favorite

The second edition of Spigen's tough armor has dual layer protection with a soft and hard shell similar to Otterbox phone cases. I like it better than the Catalyst because the digital crown is accessible, but protected. Sometimes I accidently hit the button with the Catalyst case because it sticks out so far. The tough armor is perfect.

Last updated April 19, 2019

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The tough armor is the coolest dual layer case on the market.

Filthy Ricn from XL Band
The clasps on the NATO bands are rounded

The rounded clasps equal less snagging and scraping.

Rounded Carterjett NATO clasps. Photo by XL Band

XL Band's favorite Apple Watch cases

As a big guy, I'm pretty tough on my watches. Here are some cases I like to keep my Apple Watch in to prevent damage to the watch, the walls, and me. Cases serve two main purposes: protection and scale appearance.

Fat guy in a little coat gif


I hit my watch on doorways, the card scanning machine at work, and my forehead. These things need protection.

Scale Appearance

I'm often wearing my watch out-of-the-box with no case and the Apple sport band realizing I look like a fat guy with a tiny watch.

The Spigen Tough and Rugged Armor and Catalyst strapless cases offer a lot to the scale of your Apple Watch. To me they make it look more like a Casio G-Shock or an iPhone in an otterbox. It basically doesn't look like I'm wearing a ladies pendant watch even if I bought the 42/44mm watch.

This brings up an excellent issue. If you're visiting XL Band because you've bought a 38mm/40mm Apple Watch and looking for a band that fits, I would recommend trading up to the 42/44mm. The size difference isn't that great, but the band options are greater and you don't want to look like a "fat guy (or woman) in (with) a tiny" watch.

The Adapter Controversy

There are currently many adapters on the market for 22mm/24mm watch bands. These adapters fit 42mm and 44mm Apple Watches and come in two primary configurations: The traditional spring bar and the more modern Apple-style rounded variation requiring screws. XL BAND DOES NOT RECOMMEND THE VERSION THAT REQUIRES SCREWS, although, by some estimation, it may look a bit cooler.

Stainless Steel Apple Watch Connector Adapterpixel

The screw-on, rounded, Apple-style connectors can and will come apart, based on our own experience, putting your Apple Watch at risk for damage or even loss. When my screw-on, rounded adapters came undone, I was lucky to be in my house where my watch fell on a soft surface. I initially preferred the bands that went with the rounded adapters to the point where I was ordering rounded, screw-on adapters and replacing the spring-loaded adapters with the modern Apple style.

Archer for 22mm bands

My $300 DaLuca Straps Vintage French Ammo Watch Strap came with the screw-on rounded Apple-style adapters. I was ecstatic with the aesthetic result until I nearly lost both the Apple Watch and DaLuca band based on poor design and a loose screw. I immediately sent Daniel at DaLuca a note about the adapters and soon after that saw this, an advertisement from Carterjett about the problems associated with the Apple-style screw-on adapters.

Before I wrote this article, I believed that the spring-loaded adapter was not available in space gray, the primary Apple Watch color. It does appear to be available in Gray and Rose Gold now in the 42/44mm to 22mm band size. I'm not sure if the 42/44mm to 24mm band size is available in a space gray, but I'll add those links here.

Wearlizer for 24mm bands

I did consider some methods to keep the screws in, like super glue, or buying a heavier-duty screwdriver to drive the screws into the rounded adapter. Band manufacturers are choosing spring-loaded adapters that offer stability. Rolex, G-Shock, and Timex Ironman have been using this configuration for thirty-plus years. The alternative, of course, is the Apple XL Sport Band that does not require any adapter.

Carterjett image
Carterjett Advertisement

Carterjett does not use the rounded adapters due to screws, tools, and risk.

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Our story

The XL Band team has over 100 years of experience being extra-large. Would three more inches give your wrist a rest?

XL Band evolved from BigBands, Jonny's and my second Kickstarter. Our first campaign, an iPad app for musicians succeeded and we were winding down the development and distribution. Jonny was an Apple "fan boy" and I was a bit skeptical, but I knew, deep down, Apple believed in accessibility and would probably support our efforts to create a larger Apple Watch band.

That effort failed, but we'd learned a bit along the way and made lots of cool friends. We'd met with watch band distributors all over the world via telephone and also made friends with Brandon, the creator of the special clips we needed to attach the bands. His campaign did well, but by the time Apple released the Apple Watch, Chinese knockoffs of the $24.99/pr clips were on eBay for $1.99.

You know what they say about geeks with large wrists

The second campaign focused on pricey leather custom straps made in San Diego by Daniel Luczak of Daluca Straps. He was willing to offer me a special deal on a bulk XL band purchase, but after the Kickstarter tanked, he expressed an interest in continuing to create custom bands on his website. Most recently, I became aware of Carterjett, who makes many of the bands Jonny and I imagined during our campaigns, and they are experiencing some degree of success as a family team.

I got my first Apple Watch in December 2018 and am enjoying the journey of transforming our marketing website into a blog shrine to companies like DaLuca Straps and Carterjett who now carry our torch. I actually got a little misty-eyed when I read the insert in my first Carterjett band. It's been a long trip. Extra long. And extra large.

Would three more inches give your wrist a rest?
XL Band Kickstarter (Unsuccessful)

XL Band Leather for Apple Watch in Black/Brown and 38mm/42mm: Would three more inches give your wrist a rest? Similar product: DaLuca Straps

Visit XL Band
While you were Instagramming your lunch, we were eating ours!
BigBands XL Kickstarter (Unsuccessful)

BigBands XL for Apple Watch: Big Long Bands for Large Wrists — While you were Instagramming your lunch, we were eating ours! Similar product: Carterjett

Visit BigBands XL

The Search for Apple Watch Bands for Big and Tall Wrists

The Apple Watch represents a step forward for mobile devices, combining the convenience of a wristwatch with the advanced features of smartphones and tablets. However, while technology helps make daily living more convenient, one problem was that the watch bands were too small for those who have extra-large wrists.

The XL or XXL wristband, which is familiar enough for standard watches, was missing from the Apple Watch products. But there are many options today thanks to the introduction of Apple Watch bands designed for those with large wrists.

What is the XL Apple Watch Band?

The most common sizes for the band Apple Watch makes are for those with average size wrists. Even those with smaller than average wrists can find watch bands Apple makes for them. Today, these watch bands provide more room for those who have larger than average sized wrists. Plus, for those who have long wrists can find the right strap as well, thanks to the new lengths that are available.

Manufacturers have updated the same materials and technology that go into producing standard watch bands for use with the Apple Watch XL bands. Manufacturers incorporate the unique attachment adapters and characteristics that make Apple Watch different into these designs so you can get what you want at a price that fits your budget.


Apart from the distinct advantage that the bands are designed to fit wrists that are larger or longer than usual, XL bands are high quality, durable, and fashionable.

High Quality: In addition to being made from high-quality materials, the construction of the watch bands are quite durable. After all, many lower quality watch bands fall apart not because of the materials, but in how manufacturers put them together. The XL, XXL, and XXL Apple Watch Bands offer the same, high-quality construction that you expect from watch bands that cost considerably more.

Durable Materials: The first thing that most people notice is the materials used in the watch bands themselves. Durable, woven nylon which offers comfort along with considerable durability, means that the wristband will hold up over the years, resisting the bending, twisting, and the elements to remain reliable with minimal maintenance.

Fits Your Style: Along with the high-quality construction and durable materials used, you can see just how the watch bands will accommodate a big wrist and look great. The attractive color enhances the appearance of the strap and goes with almost any outfit. Also, you have choices when it comes to selecting the style, appearance, and price of the bands Apple Watch that you want.

Whether you're working out, going to work, or wish to work on unwinding, there is an extra-large Apple Watch band for you.

If you are looking for an extra-large or extra-long watch band for your Apple Watch, then you have found the place. For wrists that require XL, XXL, and XXXL Apple Watch Bands, you now have the right product that provides a firm grip and a comfortable fit. Plus, for those who need an extra-long Apple Watch band, you can find them here as well.

— XL Band Staff

Finding Apple Watch Bands for Big and Tall Wrists

Do you know what they say about geeks with large wrists? Their wrists can't rest wearing a small Apple Watch Band. If you are in those shoes, you'll need an extra-large Apple Watch band. So would three more inches give your wrist a rest? Let's see.

To those new to smartwatches, an essential consideration in making a buying decision is the fit of the device on their wrist. And the advent of the Apple Watch wrist band isn't an exception. And since you're likely to be wearing it every day, you have to be able to live with it comfortably. Not all watches "are created equal" when it comes to design and size. And with lots of Apple Watch accessories in the market, it is quite tricky getting one into your hands that will fit perfectly without breaking a wrist as lots of creators are creating Apple Watch bands for small wrists. But then, what happens to the big and tall wrists sizes in the extra-large, extra-long, XXL/2XL and XXXL/3XL categories?

Luckily, the Apple Watch has become one of the most customizable and versatile smartwatches you can buy, and with the new Apple Watch Series 4, we've been treated to a bit of a change in the fit and measurements.

Over the years, the Apple Watch has expanded its appeal by increasing its maximum band sizes, making the iPhone-compatible smartwatch fit for people with bigger wrists, too. The new band length goes from fitting wrists that are 210-245mm and costs the same amount as a standard band at $49.

And in this post, I will be walking you through the difference between the Apple Watch sizes you can choose from if the fit is your priority.

Apple Watch model sizes and fits

Just as we mentioned above, Apple now classifies its watchband in two different categories – the 40mm and the 44mm. Size essentially establishes which face will best suit your wrist, with measurements that denote bezel size, and a strap that plays a crucial role in the specific fit of the smartwatch on your wrist.

To stand out, Apple takes its Watch measurement vertically, as opposed to most other brands, which do so horizontally. So, for the 40mm model, expect a width of 34mm, depth of 10.7mm and a case weight of around 30g. And for the bigger 44m model, you'll have a diameter of 38mm, the same 10.7mm thickness, and a 36g case weight.

Okay now, enough of the long stories. If you have an Apple Watch, but find it difficult getting a comfortable band because your wrist is more substantial than average, here are some of our favorite Apple Watch bands perfect for large wrists without breaking a bank:

L/XL Sport Band

Over the years, the M/L apple band watch is the most massive sport band. But not anymore. On August 14th, 2015, Apple started selling a version of the Sport Band that included both an M/L and a new brand – the L/XL band. The L/XL band fits wrists 195 to 245mm. However, if your wrist is 200mm or more, you would probably be happier with the larger 42mm version of the Apple Watch anyway. Price: Get the L/XL model of the Sport Band from Amazon at $49.

Carterjett Black Tire Rubber Tread Sport Strap

The lightweight, flexible and comfortable black tire version of Carterjett comes with a unique rubber tire tread appearance, and it's made from a suitable silicone material, with evaporative channels on the back, allowing air to circulate. The XL/XXL size fits 8-10 inch wrists. Price: Get the XL Carterjett on Amazon for $30.

Carterjett Extra Large Nylon NATO Band

If the rubber tire tread isn't your thing, then perhaps a traditional NATO style band is. It comes with a lightweight, durable and comfortable nylon material in a variety of colors and 42/44mm L-XXL size that fits 8-10.5-inch wrists. Price: Cost $26 on Amazon.com

Oitom XXL Apple Leather and Silicone Band

Oitom's leather/silicone band comes with internal silicone material packed in an external leather in lots of great browns and a black color. Price: Get the XL on Amazon for $20.

Speidel Twist-O-Flex Metal Stainless Steel Stretch Band

If you dislike adjusting links, but like the classic link band looks, then you can go for this stretch band option. It has the classic aesthetic you'd expect from a link bracelet, but it's stretchable, so you don't need to tinker around with links. Plus additional stretch, that can go 5 inches from the original size. Have a bigger wrist? No problem. The L/XL version fit wrists that are 7.3-8.2 inches in diameter. Price: Cost $80 on Amazon.com

Final verdict

While it may be hard finding a lot of option for larger wrist in Apple bands, these are some of the best ones that we've rounded up. With our favorite being the Speidel Twist-O-Flex Stainless Steel Stretch Band. It pretty much everything we like about the link bracelet style without the fuss, with an additional five inches beyond the original size to suit your needs. So if you love colors and want bands of various colors, feel free to select several Apple Watch bands in different colors. You will always look good in these Apple Watch bands for large wrists no matter the occasion or where you are going.

And of course, these are just a few of our favorites. To find a watch band that fits you the most, check out our full range of styles and colors available.


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